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Locations of Midnight Run.

Midnight Run

This is a cyberpunk RP set in 2112 about a group of working together to prevent a terrorist plot. That?s the starting point anyway, it?s cyberpunk so expect a of bit existential angst, jaded characters and augmentations.


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This topic is an Out Of Character part of the roleplay, ?Midnight Run?. Anything posted here will also show up there.

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Forum for completely Out of Character (OOC) discussion, based around whatever is happening In Character (IC). Discuss plans, storylines, and events; Recruit for your roleplaying game, or find a GM for your playergroup.

Mars is still the Red Planet although now it has patches of Blue. These patches are cities that are built in the craters on Mars. The reason why they have to be built it craters is explained in the Technology section. As the cities are divided by oceans of red sand they have developed a city state kind of mentality each city is sends a representative to the Martian People?s Assembly or MPA. There are many parties jostling for control of the Assembly but at the moment the two main arties are Liberty, a party that supports each city state?s right to autonomy, and The Cities Alliance which believes the cities would be better served by joining together under one banner.

While there are just over one hundred cities on Mars the three that concern us are Kaiser, Cangwu and Endeavour.

Kaiser is one of the Largest cities on Mars and is home to the wealthy and the poor alike. The city is strongly segregated along economic lines. Relative deprivation is a problem here and as such crime figures are very high.

Cangwu is sometimes called the other electric city and is home to entertainment companies as well as the entertainment industry on Mars. It?s well know for its nightlife and is a popular destination for holiday makers from across the planet. Assuming you have cash.

Endeavour was the first city on Mars in is notable because of its history and also as it is the seat of the MPA as well as home to BC Industries. Compared to the other cities mentioned it is quite small however donations to the MPA from BC, other large companies and the City States keep it looking modern.


Earth is an environmental nightmare where centuries of pollution are wreaking havoc on the planet. The Polar ice caps are gone and temperatures have been steadily rising. This creates freak weather systems such as flash flooding, hurricanes and blizzards.
China is the only superpower left and its dominance shows no signs of ending. However it?s leadership was slow to react to the Martian economic boom and as such its grip is regulated to Earth.

The USA is now collection of independent nations after the breakup of the States. The resource wars took their toll and the Chinese victory all coupled with the Americans dependence on oil effectively ended the countries role as a super power. These days it?s rare to meet someone who would refer to themselves as an American, instead they will refer to their State.

Europe has been under the control of the European Central Government for the past 82 years. The ECG is a lumbering bureaucratic organisation that to begin with was dominated by the Germans, British and French however now the partnerships are more equal.

On Earth the two cites we?ll mainly be talking about are Hong Kong and Paris. I?ll post more about them when necessary.


Titan is a frozen moon orbiting Jupiter, it?s rich in hydrocarbons which has attracted mining operations. Its home to numerous companies all out to dig a fortune out of the frozen landscape. Politically it?s very just about the relationship between employee and employer, Trade Unions are common as are mysterious on the job accidents should workers demands become too much. The companies employ lots of security to protect from rival mining operations but also to keep their own workers in check.

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