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The next few blogs will be ostensibly about how to remove chemtrails from your local sky, but in actuality we?ll be talking about the use and manifestation of practical magic.? Every word in these blogs is simply my opinion based upon my honed inner knowingness.? You might have a different opinion, and that is fine.Some of what I have to say may appear to be confusing or contradictory.? A few basic understandings or ground rules will help the reader navigate this blog series.First Basic Understanding:? Words are inadequate to transmit real information.? In the beginning was not the Word, but the multi-dimensional Vibration.?? For more on the limitation of words to transmit real information see my blog entitled: ?Escaping the Spoken Trap?.? I?m forced to use words when blogging, but try to perceive beneath the words and realize the essence of what is being said rather than getting bogged down wondering whether I?m making sense, or being consistent or not.? Realize that I?m trying to describe things that lie beyond the scope of worded language, and so if you tightly focus on the preciseness of the words or phrases I?m using, you?ll miss what is being transmitted.

I do try to use words carefully, and often my choice of words has underlying meanings.? Some of my more-logical readers might do well to consider the more esoteric portions of this and future blogs as poetry rather than dissertations.

Second Basic Understanding:? Things are true or false depending upon your view, perspective or level.? Let me give a mundane example.? At one level keeping written, value-based goals, breaking those goals into tasks and then daily planning and accounting are important and, if applied judiciously, will lead to a successful life.? At another level, that process would be considered insanity as your only desire would be to live with your heart wide open as you spontaneously enjoy each new moment as it arises.

So, if you perceive a contradiction in these blogs, that contradiction may be due to you?re looking at the material from a different level, view or perspective.? Another example, from one perspective there is definitely good and evil, and battles to be won and lost.? From another level or perspective there is only Life and natural law based upon Love.

I don?t mean to belabor this point, but words are tricky buggers and I?m anticipating that if there are misunderstandings, they will arise from a perspective difference.? So here?s another example of how this type of misunderstanding can arise.? I may talk about how powerful each human is and how love is the strongest force in the universe, and then later on I may issue a warning to ?Be careful?.? Can you see the apparent contradiction?? After all, why should the most powerful beings in the universe have to ?Be careful??? From one perspective that warning is prudent, from another pure idiocy.

In summary, try to perceive the essence of my communications rather than get enmeshed in semantics.

Third Basic Understanding:? Please come to this work without preconceptions.? I have not read or watched every chemtrail book, video, movie or expose.? This and future blog articles here are not a compilation of data from various sources looking for consensus or agreement.? Rather this material is my own unique perspective based upon decades of esoteric experiences as I stood for the Good.

Occasionally as I?m writing about something, I?ll travel down an apparent side road or visit some other issue.? Please be patient as there is always a reason for these side trips.

Finally, I do hope you?ll read the material with a open but questioning attitude and please feel free to discard anything that doesn?t make sense to you

Definitions:? In this material there is a difference between man and Man.? As used in this blog series, man refers to a male human, while Man refers to a Child of God whether male or female.? Finally, I refer to the baddies ? those that want to keep humanity chained down and subjugated as either the challengers or the darkness.

The Sun

We are told that we come from the Earth and that we will return to it when we die ? Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.? But, this is flat-out false for you.? The physical vehicles you incarnate (or merge) into have been subject to this rule recently, but your spirit lives on eternally.? You are not going to dissolve into dust ever.

Back in ancient times they could easily perceive that more aware and powerful humans radiated a delicious life-giving energy.? These people could make flowers bloom, encourage plant growth, and easily tame wild animals (reportedly some of this is happening now with Chinese children).? In addition at that time all people knew that life depended upon the sun.? Besides the sun gave delicious warmth and light, so it was natural the ancient societies would admire the sun.

At a very deep level the sun inspires us.? But it does more than that ? the sun actually provides us with various energies and information.? So, if some beings or entities were hostile to humanity it would be vital that they interfere with our connection to the sun and thus we have our current society where we are encouraged to view the sun as a problem and advised to wear dark sunglasses and slather cancerous sun creams on our skin whenever we go outside, and even then we?re advised to limit our sun exposure.Of course, we should always use common sense, but wouldn?t it be more reasonable to simply make sure we stay hydrated by drinking copious amounts of water while we?re outside and perhaps applying something wholesome and simple like olive oil on our skin to keep it moist?? Or does that just make way too much sense?


The Purposes of Chemtrails:Back in 1986 and 1987 there were two events that fundamentally changed humanity on this planet (via epigenetics).? The first event was ?Hands Across America? and the second event was the ?Harmonic Convergence?.? Those two events finally manifested, in a very real and tangible way, the feeling in enough people that we could all come together.? Even more startling to those who were awake, human beings after these events were different than before, and these differences while quiet, were tangible.? As an example, perceptual abilities through our senses (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) were enhanced.It?s no coincidence that the practice of laying chemtrails began around that time.

The challengers that want to keep us chained down are logical and methodical.? Chemtrails are placed in the sky because that is deemed the best place for them.? While there are many additional benefits (from the challenger?s point of view) to chemtrails, their primary initial purpose was to interfere and reduce our perceptual abilities so we could not perceive terrestrial and extra-terrestrial UFO fleets as they flew about in our skies.

The chemtrail haze assists in the creation of a three-dimensional perceptual distorting field.? UFO?s flying through the field are made invisible via a kind of cloaking system ? but they need the chemtrail haze in the atmosphere for the cloaking system to work.

That?s why the challengers endeavor to cover the entire sky along routes traveled by the UFOs with a chemtrail haze.? And that?s also why most of the UFO sightings are in faraway rural areas as the chemtrail coverage is not laid down as heavily there, and if the wind picks up in an unpredictable manner, people will start to see and film UFOs.? Of course there are famous cases of mass sightings of UFO?s ? for example, in Mexico City in 1991 ? which coincidentally is very high in elevation with a rarified atmosphere.

Over the years the chemtrail haze has had to be laid down even thicker just to keep pace with our ever-increasing and mutating perceptual abilities.? Now, with the new generation of kids coming up, there is an entirely new ballgame.? That is why the media and governments are so heavily ladling fear onto the parents as they drug and vaccinate their kids (even to the point of taking away the kids if the parents stand firm against vaccination).? It?s also why the challengers want a war with Iran because those clear blue skies are currently off-limits to UFOs (as they would be seen immediately).

One day the challengers know that the chemtrail program will fail massively as they cannot keep up with our newly blossoming genetics.? We should expect that after a massive failure or two (or perhaps just before a massive failure of the chemtrail haze to work) when hundreds or thousands of people see and film a UFO fleet above their city, that the governments will disclose the alien presence (because they?ll be forced to).

Unfortunately, even after disclosure they will still lay the chemtrails.? That?s because with time and experimentation the chemtrail program was expanded beyond its initial scope as other ?benefits? were noted by the challengers.? These included:? 1) A few toxic chemicals added to the chemtrail mix generally sickened the population and made it more docile,? 2) The chemtrail haze disconnects us from the sun and helps reduce our spiritual and perceptual awareness,? 3) Also, unrecognized initially but the chemtrail haze interferes with humans receiving a special kind of nourishment from the deep blue sky,? 4) Prior to disclosure when chemtrails are laid, this action itself frightens and agitates those who are becoming aware, and gives these people a feeling of desperation and helplessness reducing their vibration, and? 5) The laying of chemtrails has resulted in enhancement of some of the abilities of HAARP.? Research on all of this is ongoing.

An Initial Step

I know the vast majority of my readers want to do all that they can to help clear the sky of chemtrails.? The next blog will expand on one aspect of this matter in some detail.

Realize however that it is important to be patient and only move forward when you know inside that it is the appropriate time for you to do so.? The last thing Humanity needs now is a bunch of well-intentioned but essentially unarmed humans rushing around hurting themselves and potentially getting into trouble as they try to stir up a fight with the challengers.

Don?t believe for a second though that you are limited to only making insignificant contributions.? The truth is you can massively help the Good by contributing happy energy and sweet feelings in your life ? so spread humor, good wishes and beauty to everyone you meet!? Be a source of good!? Your simple, happy, helpful, encouraging actions energize the entire human web, nourish our expanding and flowering genetics, provide abundant energy to our side, help transform our planet to a paradise, and will help us show the challengers the door.

Let me introduce you to the human energetic web and your fellow radiant humans (if you aren?t already aware of them).? This is easy to do because all people that have achieved a higher level of spiritual realization and pure power radiate with goodness and sweetness.? You can sense them even over great distances of time and space.

The easiest way to do this is to relax.? Ideally, lay on the grassy ground on a sunny day (as shown in the photo) and totally relax.? The ground, the grass and the sun will give you a boost in your efforts.? Of course if it is raining or the grass is wet, then lay down on your carpet or floor.? Get comfortable and take a few sweet deep breaths.? And then expand your energy along the Earth?s surface as you ask, ?Where is the nearest radiant person to me??? Years ago when I did this I noticed one person in one direction that was maybe 5 miles away and then off in another direction there was another person that was about 8 miles away.? These days when I do this exercise there are happy and at least slightly-radiant people in every direction, and fairly close by!Another suggestion is to touch the people you are conversing with (when it is appropriate and in a respectful manner).? This is the simplest way to reinforce the human web and make it (and all of us) stronger.Long Live the Good!





Source: http://www.zengardner.com/chemtrails-busting-1-foundation/

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